The Maiden's Dream

Ballpen drawing as seen in coffee grounds


9/21/20231 min read


The maiden slept! all nature seem'd to smile,
Ten thousand seraphs whispered softly, Love;
She saw one spirit, cheerfully the while
Walking the air, on canopy above:
He look'd, he lov'd, and gently wav'd his hand,
And bade her follow: She obey'd command.

Awhile they wandered o'er the flow'ry mead,
Talking of loveliness; it seem'd delight;
His words were sweet, and sweeter still indeed,
Enliven'd features to enraptured sight;
So fair, so handsome; in such manly youth:
His words of pleasure too, were words of truth.

"Fair Creature, Spirit of such lovely form,
"What bliss it seems to live and breathe with thee;
" No longer mortal, now, no longer worm,
"We live in life, and loving to be free,
" Are truly happy; happy that we are,
" Enabled thus our liberty to share.

"O look around thee, life is full of light,
"No pain, no torment; happiness is thine;
" Worlds are before thee; present to thy sight;
"My spirit your's, thy spirit also mine:
" And this for ever; never shall we part,
" Thou dear Companion of Immortal heart."

The maiden woke; the vision too was nigh,
It lingered still, she wish'd it still to stay;
One heav'nly smile, a parting farewell sigh,
It vanished quickly on the air away:
Her heart was heavy. Lady it may seem
A cruel story, 'twas the Maiden's dream.

Original artwork by Richard Cobbold