when creativity and coffee meet

Welcome to my artistic world! I am an expressive soul who finds joy in creating art. With a passion for the creative process, I constantly explore new techniques and tools. Coffee plays a vital role in fueling my artwork, striking the perfect balance between caffeine and creativity. The ritual of making this delicious beverage, from grinding beans to the final pour, brings me immense pleasure. Inspired by Turkish coffee, my art showcases imagery, shapes, and colors discovered in the remnants of my pot. Join me on this visual journey, a true testament to my passion for art and my beloved morning booster.


And get a glimpse into my imaginative mind. It's a portal that will let you in and show you the world as I see it.


I am Julija, an aspiring artist living and working in the small country of Slovenia. I have always had a passion for art and a knack for seeing the beauty in the world around me. Growing up, I found solace in drawing and painting, often finding inspiration in the everyday objects around me. As an adult, I began to explore my creative side even further. I always started my day with a cup of Turkish coffee, and one day, when I finished my cup, I noticed something unique in the used coffee grounds in the cup’s bottom. I saw shapes and images that I could use in my artwork. I was so inspired by this, that I began to draw pictures I saw. At first, I was collecting the drawings for myself, but eventually decided to share my work with the world in hopes to inspire you too.

And we must not forget - my art is possible because of Turkish coffee; known for its thick, foamy, fragrant brew and its centuries-old history, this unique beverage has been enjoyed by people across countries and cultures for generations. But what is it about Turkish coffee that makes it so special?

One way that Turkish coffee stands out is its ritualistic preparation. Making Turkish coffee is not simply pouring a few grounds into a cup of boiling water; it is an intricate and precise process that requires patience and attention to detail. From the selection of the beans to the proper heating of the water, each step of the process is essential for creating the perfect cup of Turkish coffee.

Another aspect of Turkish coffee that makes it so beloved is its rich flavor. The beans are roasted and ground to a fine powder, making for an incredibly strong and aromatic brew. The addition of sweeteners and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and sugar can further enhance the flavor, creating an indulgent treat.

Perhaps the most important factor that makes Turkish coffee so beloved is the fact that it is often shared with friends or loved ones. The ritual of preparing and drinking Turkish coffee together has been a tradition for centuries and is still practiced in many cultures today, including in our country.

and about the coffee I drink